One of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed dining groups, Woolly Pig Hong Kong has partnered with Gweilo, one of the Hong Kong’s leading craft brewers, to open Grain, a dynamic hybrid restaurant and brewlab in Kennedy Town. 

This spacious 5000 sq foot multi-purpose venue will be part gastropub, part restaurant, part bar and part Gweilo Brewlab, a research and development brewing facility. 

Over 120 seats and located on the Kennedy Town waterfront, Grain has been designed to be more than just a restaurant and bar – it will be a playground for guests who love to eat, drink and discover. It will be a place to meet, to dine, and to soak in the ambience of this vibrant neighbourhood. 

Shop 1, New Fortune House, 3-5 New Praya Kennedy Town, HK 

Everyday: 9:00 – 22:00