Man Mano Opening

Man Mano has opened at the new wing of Citygate Outlets, marrying innovative, family-style Italian cuisine and timeless tradition with a menu laced with house-made artisan pasta and delivering just what Tung Chung residents need as they progress through their busy days.

Man Mano in Italian translates as 'hand to hand', and means working with two hands to gradually improve or attain a goalThe new restaurant is inspired by the core of the traditional Italian family kitchen, where everything is made from scratch, allowing family and shoppers to enjoy honest, ingredient-driven cooking that soothes the soul. 
Catering to 100 guests with comfortable banquette seating, the spacious 4,000 sq. feet dining room is dressed in pastel hues and soft earthy tones, as well as naked timber and ceramics tiles, vintage-esque pendant light fixture, and Italian country-side courtyard-inspired décor in rustic stone and brick.
Inspired by the unique landscape of central Italy, a scenic mural captures the beauty of the Italian countryside, and is accented by earthenware vases that add to the homy rustic charm. The space is filled with natural light courtesy of floor-to-ceiling windows that give the venue a warm, welcoming atmosphere. 

​In addition to the inviting dining room, Man Mano's sun-kissed alfresco terrace is the perfect spot for families and friends to unwind and relax.
Celebrating handpicked ingredients and delicately hand-rolled pasta, Man Mano takes on classic Italian flavours with modernity.  
Whether you are craving soul-soothing pasta dishes or looking for finely crafted specialities, there's something for everyone on our menu.   Consider sharing small plates of antipasto, followed by the highlight  of handmade fresh pasta.  Immerse yourself into the comforting tranquility with a glass of wine or house brewed nitro fruit tea. 
A true showstopper at Man Mano is the array of house-made pastas, including Pappardelle cooked with slow-roasted Australian beef cheek ragu (HK$170); Gnocchi Roma, house-made Semolina flour gnocchi baked with sous vide and pan-fried pork trotter with red wine (HK$160); Tortelloni with house-blended prawn mousse, with mustard and crustacean oil, served with crispy parsnip chips (HK$180); and Maccheroni cooked with slow-roasted Australian lamb shoulder and served with Italian gremolata sauce and toasted crushed hazelnuts (HK$155). Also look out for Gnudi Gnocchi with a smoked ricotta filling cooked with macadamia pesto (HK$150); and al dente Risotto with saffron and fennel and topped with Italian red prawns (HK$220);.

For diners with a sweet tooth, don't miss out on the likes of Cannoncini"Italian cream horn" puff pastry filled with pistachio cream (HK$65); Cannoli with salted caramel cream and zesty lemon and mascarpone fillings (HK$75 for two pieces); the popular creamy Tiramisu (HK$75); and Arborio Pudding made with vanilla-flavoured sweet rice topped with cherry curd and a macadamia cracker (HK$75).

Man Mano also offers an eclectic selection of artisan crafted fruit teas. All priced at HK$70 per glass, these include Tea Garden, a blend of oolong kombucha, lavender, and zesty lime topped with Capi soda; "P.L.A.Y." persimmon peach tea with lychee, apple and a touch of yuzu; and Italia Green with green tea, lemon, atcha, cucumber and fresh mint.
Ideal for any occasion with warm and cosy atmosphere, an open kitchen pasta kitchen surrounded by the swirl of earthy, autumn tones. Ceramics, rustic stones and terracota tiles remind you of the warm sunshine and vibes of an Italian courtyard  - accented by shuttered french windows that echo the distant trees and hills of Lantau.