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As more and more people become health conscience - its important to have creative, fresh and delicious drinks available for the non-drinkers. At Woolly Pig HK we use a selection of fresh juices to ensure that soft drinks are your only options - whether its a fresh pressed juice from Big Sur or Elderflower Spritz from Madam S'ate the options should be as exciting as those who are having wine or craft beer.

The rise of tourism and the access of travel means that experience and feeling part of the community and see the inner workings of a place is more important than ever. Group tours are a great way to find out the way of life from a local.  Take a tour of street art in SOHO, see the fabric markets of Sham Shiu Po, visit a working brewery in the industrial areas of Hong Kong.  Seek out those unique adventures.

No matter if you’re throwing a “just because” party or celebrating a particular event, choosing the right party theme is critical. Once you know your theme, the entire process of planning becomes much simpler. You will be able to move forward with deciding on the right feel, menu, venue, and colors for your party.Precisely because of this, we’ve made a list of steps you need to take to choose the right party theme.